Safety Production

Tian Jie conscientiously implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on safety in production and always placed the safety of employees' life in the first place. Adhere to the principle of "three managements and three musts" and fulfill the main responsibility of enterprise safety production. Adhere to the goal of "zero harm", adhere to the problem oriented, goal oriented and result oriented. It is necessary to eliminate potential accidents as many as possible, and keep the principles in mind "no violations in three aspects", "no harm in four aspects" and "no negligence in four aspects". Comprehensively promote the construction of enterprise intrinsic safety system, pay close attention to double prevention mechanism, safety standardization, localization and professional safety management, and strengthen safety risk prevention and control and hidden danger investigation and rectification. We have created a cultural environment of "complying with rules and regulations, operating according to regulations", create a good safety culture atmosphere, and rely on all staff wholeheartedly to do a good job in safety production.

Environmental Protection

In recent years, Tianjie industry has been developing rapidly. At the same time, it has conscientiously implemented the overall arrangements of provincial and municipal governments at all levels. It has always adhered to scientific development and green development, and put environmental protection in the first place of enterprise development. Adhere to the people-oriented principle, promote according to law, adhere to the basic national policy of resources saving and environment protection, firmly establish the firm belief that clear water and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver, adhere to the basic policy of giving priority to conservation, protection and natural recovery, and adhere to the principle that "human and nature are the community of life". We strive to promote the environmental protection concept of "green, low-carbon and recycle development", attach great importance to environmental protection work, and do not reduce efforts in environmental governance and environmental management. In the pursuit of economic benefits,pay more attention to environmental protection as the focus of social responsibility at the same time, It has made a positive contribution to the promotion of local economic and social development.

Public Welfare

In order to cultivate love and sense of responsibility, and improve the internal and external society relationshiop of company, the enterprise set up a low-carbon life center to help the employees in need; and actively organized the employees to participate in voluntary activities such as school students' sympathy, voluntary blood donation, poverty donation, sympathy in orphanages and homes for the aged

Letter of Social Responsibility



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