Our company was listed on the "2023 Zhejiang private enterprise digital transformation tide list", for Lin'an wire and cable industry continues to glow new color!

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Our company was listed on the "2023 Zhejiang private enterprise digital transformation tide list", for Lin'an wire and cable industry continues to glow new color!

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  • Time of issue:2023-11-15
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As one of the first batch of pilot enterprises in Lin'an District to carry out the innovation model of "unified data base and open application architecture" this year, Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Co. was listed on the "2023 Zhejiang Private Enterprises Digitization Transformation Trend List". Lin'an speed up the wire and cable industry digitalization to enhance the work has achieved milestones.


With a solid "old family background" of Lin'an wire and cable industry, experienced the brilliance of a single branch, but also suffered a mountain of uncertainty, and then the enterprise formed a consensus to generally begin the transformation and upgrading, until now to Tianjie and other companies represented by the industry digital enhancement, Lin'an wire and cable industry continues to glow with new colors.


Transformation means change, from the traditional wire and cable industry to the digital transformation, to go against the "red sea" and on, not without a wave. And through the internal drive to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, is this wave in the "tide".

Through digitalized operation, raw materials and exchange rate control, Tianjie's profit in the first three quarters of this year increased by 25.87% year-on-year! By promoting the construction of digital workshop and smart factory, Tianjie has also achieved a steady growth in revenue in the past three years. Behind, in addition to long-term stable strategic partnership to give support, accelerate the digitalization process is Tianjie to stand "tide" of the foundation of security.

Tianjie, which mainly exports to foreign countries, has been carrying out intelligent upgrading and transformation in order to meet the demand of rapid development of the market, and has realized the full coverage of IoT equipment in the cable workshop this year. After the Internet of Things equipment is put into use, the tedious process of manually filling in information is replaced by the quickness of online intelligent management equipment; the administrators no longer judge the performance of the products based on experience alone, and there is a more scientific data support. In addition, in the second half of this year, Tianjie has improved its production efficiency by more than 20% through system, data base and other applications, and it may reach 50% in the future.

Overview of the entire Lin'an industrial development, the digitalization process is unstoppable. It is understood that by the end of next year, Lin'an will realize the wire and cable industry, small and medium-sized digital transformation full coverage. As of a few days ago, Tianjie has completed the digital transformation, the project is being accepted.

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