Delivering Happiness

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Delivering Happiness

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Quote "Happiness is the simplest wish pursued by life on earth, and making employees happy is the pursuit for which Chen Xiaolin has been striving for half his life."

When Chen Xiaolin was interviewed by CCTV Heritage earlier this year, he said meaningfully, "We are to create a better life for our employees, and this is the original heart of our company, the mission of the enterprise."


In 2022, our employee Xie Zhongzheng won the first place in the "National Cable Inspection Cup" National Fourth Wire and Cable Manufacturer and Inspector Vocational Skills Competition, and therefore received the company's commendation. But Xie Zhongzheng more exciting than another person, he is the leader of the Tianjie industry ---Chen Xiaolin.The fact that Xie Zhongzheng was able to achieve such an honor is one of the fruits of his many years of employee training.


Chen Xiaolin: "Around 1996, we learned computer training with Zhejiang Forestry College, when we didn't have a single computer in our entire organization, so we went to work during the day and went to training at night. I think every one of us needs to learn, so when I talk to everyone I say that one's growth is definitely inseparable from learning, and that learning is forever."

In Chen Xiaolin's view, a person's growth cannot only be the improvement of skills, but also the growth of the spiritual world. In her own studies, Chen Xiaolin has found that there are so many treasures in traditional Chinese culture that can be learned and used.


Chen Xiaolin: "Around the beginning of 2009, I went to study in a nationalism class, and through two years of study in nationalism, my psychological pressure was significantly released. There is a passage in the Analects of Confucius that talks about 'not relocating one's anger and not repeating one's faults', which means not transferring the mistakes one has made to others, and not repeating one's faults, which means not making the same mistakes. There is also a saying in the Tao Te Ching about ruling by doing nothing, which means that management is not the more the better, but appropriate, doing nothing without doing anything."

These positive influences brought Chen Xiaolin a deep awareness, but could these traditional cultures influence more people? Chen Xiaolin, who has always focused on the growth and cultivation of his employees, decided to introduce Chinese studies into the company's learning. Therefore, the morning reading activity has been started since 2014, which has become a beautiful scenery in the morning light of Tianjie.


Dai Yinli: "We are divided into two phases, from February to November is our morning reading meeting, and then when we wait until December and January, we change to morning exercise. Our morning reading meeting has a notice and requirement of the morning reading meeting: the first five minutes you read the original text and read the translation, and then, the last ten minutes is to talk about your own problems in the context of yourself, your department or your company."

Changing the lives of employees and making them happy is the original intention of Chen Xiaolin, who has never changed since founding Tianjie.

Chen Xiaolin: "In 1993, at that time there was not much farm work in the countryside, and it was very difficult to find employment in private and township enterprises, so I started my own business and solved the problem of employment, so that I could also lead my siblings at home to develop together and do a little bit of work together."

Lin'an thirty years ago, has been a little-known communication cable township, how to stand out in the two or three hundred peers, the pursuit of happiness will continue? Change, become Tianjie's  choice.


Chen Xiaolin: "We started with coaxial cables, and the technology at that time was coupled. We probably did it for a little more than a year, and then physical foam cables appeared on the market, so in the second half of 1994 we switched from coupled cables to physical foam cables, and among the more than twenty cable companies in Lin'an, we were ahead of the curve."

Technology enhancement is the foundation of enterprise survival, but trade is also the top priority of enterprise development. China's accession to the WTO in 2001 put Tianjie on the road to take off.


Chen Xiaolin: "We went to the international market at that time or relatively smooth, in 2001-2005, we in the United States and the European market in the business development is relatively rapid, our products than the European and American companies in the price of the products have obvious advantages."

The long journey across the ocean is not comparable to the local combat, the first time to enter the international market Tianjie in addition to cost-effective, and what should rely on what to stand firmly on the ground? The integrity rooted in the Chinese bloodline makes Tianjie invincible.


Zhang Guoqing: There is a Fortune 500 company that has been cooperating with us since 2012. The customer has a product that is out of stock and needs us to ship the goods to the customer's warehouse within half a month. General normal shipping is impossible to complete in such a short period of time, so we thought of the only way is air transportation. The value of this batch of goods is more than 300,000 yuan, the cost of air transportation is also more than 300,000 yuan, which is equivalent to our own loss of more than 300,000 yuan, but we still delivered the goods to the guests, the customer is very satisfied with our initiative."

In addition to the urgency of others, the product is also the hard strength of Tianjie, in this regard, Tianjie has a unique advantage. Over the years, employees continue to learn to enrich themselves, so that Tianjie get continuous development, years of technological accumulation of smooth breakthroughs, from the earliest coupled cables, to the later foam cables, and now being attacked by the green and safe CMP cables, but also has been a small result.


Ren Yanfeng: "CMP is currently the highest standard in the global cable safety standards of a wire, mainly used in the building in the channel wiring, its main role is to be able to do when a fire occurs, the halogen content is low, the smoke density is low, you can ensure that in the event of a fire, people can safely escape from the scene of the fire.

Strength often determines the direction of advancement, and Tianjie is no exception, and Chen Xiaolin has a clear plan for the future direction of development.


Chen Xiaolin: "We have set up a research and development team, research we three to five years later to do a new field - high-end equipment for a signal transmission line. Such as: new energy, high-end medical and aerospace wire."

From the earliest ten or so people, to more than three hundred people now, Tianjie is developing and growing step by step. However, Chen Xiaolin never forgets his original intention and pursuit, and many of his behaviors still move his employees when mentioned today.


Tong Zhendan: "When my mother died that year, Mr. Chen contacted me, he took more than six hours to come to our house, and when he went back, another six hours, at that time I was especially touched, because he was already in his sixties, and he still went out of his way to come to our house, and the young people might have felt tired, but he still came, and even when he came over at that time he didn't even eat a meal, and couldn't wait to drink a mouthful of water before he went back again. ......"

This care is not only reflected in actions, but also subtly affects the lives of employees.


Dai Yinli: "Staff House and our staff multi-purpose hall, this venue has actually been utilized for five or six years, the chairman of the board of directors said this 'into our Tianjie's door, I hope that our Tianjie's staff food, housing, transportation, work can be within this atmosphere'. It allows employees to be more involved and gives them a place to rest."

This staff home, which occupies more than five hundred square meters, has become the pride of Tianjie staff, but for Chen Xiaolin this is not enough.In 2016, after Tianjie was listed on the New Third Board, it ushered in a distinctive share reform, which affected the lives of more staff in Tianjie. In this regard, Wang Yonglin, who has been struggling in Tianjie for twenty-eight years, feels deeply.


Wang Yonglin: "We have long years of service, but also won a number of excellent employees, the boss divided the shares to us, I have 100,000 shares. Before I lived in an old tile house, now I have a little bit of savings to build this house, poured cement road, floor poured up, outside planting flowers and grass."

There were many more people like Wang Yonglin in Tianjie, truly becoming the master of the company and living the happy life that Chen Xiaolin wished for. Chen Xiaolin also has deeper prayers for the future of Tianjie.


Chen Xiaolin: "Our positioning is the global market, in the market share of our ultimate position is to become a global invisible champion in this segment, in addition to our specific listing timetable is now set. Tianjie thirty years is exactly one generation, the inheritance has become a very important issue. From the chairman of the board to the general manager, all the way to our front-line staff, we all have to have the consciousness of training the successor. I think the main thing to pass on is the cultural heritage, mission, vision, values. Don't change it easily, in fact, I think that everything for the sake of the employees, everything depends on the employees, is the core of our culture, and our next generation must stick to it!"

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