Why is the CPC " can "?

  • Time of issue:2023-09-01
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Why is the CPC " can "?

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  • Time of issue:2023-09-01
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In order to strengthen the company's internal organization, cohesion of all staff, and promote the high-quality development of the enterprise. Recently, Tianjie Industry ushered in the bimonthly democratic life study meeting. This time, Xu Zhaohong, a senior lecturer of Party School of Lin'an District Committee, was invited to bring a vivid party lesson to nearly 40 Tianjie management cadres and party members.



01 Session Content


The course is "Why the Communist Party of China "Can"?". The course was "Why the CPC "Can"? Ms. Xu's lecture was vivid and lively, combining a large amount of historical data and examples, and citing a wide range of quotes. Through the three-hour course, she discussed why the CPC is "capable". She shared that over the past hundred years, the CPC, with one heart and one mind, has built China from a backward and poor country suffering from beatings into a prosperous and strong responsible big country, transformed the aspirations of the Chinese people from the pursuit of food and clothing and the realization of moderately well-off to the pursuit of a more affluent and better quality of life, and developed from a small and weak party with fewer than 60 members to a big and strong party with nearly 90 million members. The Communist Party has come a long way, through ups and downs, storms and hardships, suffering and splendor. One can't help but ask, "What makes the CPC walk so calmly and confidently, so boldly and magnificently? On what basis has it won the hearts of all the people and gained a solid foundation for its rule?



02 The Spirit of Ideology


Theory and practice have proved that it is no accident that the CPC has been able to lead the Chinese people to great success, but because of a series of excellent qualities. The CPC has lofty ideals, scientific theories, a mechanism for selecting and appointing the best people, strict discipline and rules, a spirit of self-revolution, and strong leadership. It is by relying on many excellent qualities that the CPC has become a vigorous Marxist ruling party that has always been at the forefront of the times, wholeheartedly embraced by the people, courageous in self-revolution, and able to withstand all kinds of winds and waves.



03 Summary


After the meeting, each person combined with their own work positions to express their feelings, the chairman of the board of directors Chen Xiaolin made a final summary statement. He said that for enterprises, the construction of the company not only needs the party's self-revolutionary courage, but also good at self-revolutionary wisdom. Internalize the self-revolution as the key idea of the company's cadres, zero tolerance for corruption, and always stay clean and honest. Emphasize the new realm of management of self-purification, self-improvement, self-renewal and self-improvement.

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