[BRIEFING] Summer Cooling Campaign

  • Time of issue:2023-08-31
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[BRIEFING] Summer Cooling Campaign

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  • Time of issue:2023-08-31
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Recently days of high temperature, the production line staff in order to catch up with the order, defying the heat, fighting high temperature, fighting the heat, in the rolling heat wave quietly stick to their posts, to ensure the smooth completion of the production tasks.

In order to effectively do a good job of high temperature prevention and cooling work, to convey the company's concern and care for front-line employees, recently, the company purchased a batch of summer vacation supplies to send them cool blessings in the hot summer.

The labor union's summer high temperature sympathy activities have effectively cared for and taken care of the employees' health. The company's labor union will continue to provide employees with more care and help, and contribute to the creation of a good working environment and atmosphere.

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