2023 First Half of the Year Wrap-up Conference

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2023 First Half of the Year Wrap-up Conference

(Summary description)

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From July 11th to 13th, Tianjie Industrial 2023 first half year business management summary meeting was held in Tianjie training room. Chairman and general manager Chen Xiaolin, marketing director Sun Fuming, production vice president Zhang Xiao'er, as well as the heads and representatives of various departments attended the meeting.


The meeting was divided into three major sections: sales system, management system and manufacturing operation system. The person in charge of each system closely combined with the completion of each department's work objectives and plans to summarize and analyze. As well as according to the next half of the year to reach the goal, made a specific goal and action measures.


Sales system: the company's first half of the sales plan target completion rate declined. For the data indicators, marketing director Sun Fuming at the meeting analyzed the Sino-US exchange rate difference, raw material market fluctuations and guardrail sales unit price and other aspects of the company's target completion of the good. The focus of the second half of the year is on product packaging and delivery, product quality and application of the two aspects of the urgent need to improve and enhance.


Operation Management System: Dai Yinli, Manager of the Human Resources Department, reported on the Company's human resources situation from the dimensions of labor analysis, salary comparison for the same period of three years, and departmental performance. Luo Xiaoxiang, manager of the Integrated Management Department, reported on the non-operating income in the first half of this year. Departments and audit supervision in conjunction with the actual departments, from the first half of the completion of the work, the second half of the work ideas and complete the year's target plan action measures, creative work proposals and other aspects of the detailed report.


Manufacturing operations system: vice president of production Zhang Xiao'er from automation, digitalization and information technology, internal management and other aspects of the layout of the second half of the key work objectives: raw materials in stock within 5 days of sampling, no inventory within 9 days of conventional samples, non-conventional samples within 12 days of the completion of the target; the delivery time to make it clear: foreign orders within 25 days of delivery, the domestic expedited orders within 10 days of the order, PVC orders strive to stabilize the 10 days or so.



Chairman and general manager instruction speech: Chairman and general manager Chen Xiaolin examples of domestic and foreign outstanding enterprises and celebrities successful experience and insights, party and government agencies anti-corruption cases, excerpts from some of the as a management cadres should have thought, action, realm and other articles, requiring the company's managers to continue and continuously improve their personal cultivation and ability to play a good role given by the organization, in the organization to do into the play, into the role.


Citing the statement "Selflessness is the only way to achieve self-interest" from "Tao Te Ching - Long Live Heaven and Earth", all the company's managers are required to establish a spirit of selflessness and actively lead the company's more than 300 employees to achieve the organization's goals and personal values.


With a shallow, specific rhetorical device will be the customer analogous to the land, we managers analogous to the farmer, in this piece of land, what crops, how to maintain, and ultimately achieve what the goal of the proceeds of the unfolding of the requirements to the customer as the land in our hands to maintain and cultivate, and to achieve the ultimate goal of reaching.


Reviewed the company's corporate culture concept, the mission, vision, values of a detailed interpretation and how to land on high expectations, requiring the company to become a customer satisfaction, trust, dependence and respect for the supplier; to protect the safety of employees operating environment, incremental income and social impact of the requirements put forward by the requirements of the entire management staff must be legal, compliance, compliance with the rules and regulations of the business, and to really do for the staff to create a better life and contribute to the community.


Interpretation of the company's sales system on the completion of the annual target task of the special rewards of the spirit of the notice, I hope that all sales staff to stimulate the potential to carry forward the "victory is to raise a glass to celebrate, the defeat is to save each other from death," the spirit of teamwork, for the full realization of the annual business objectives to empower the performance of the increase.



Chairman and general manager Chen Xiaolin also put forward some specific requirements for the work in the second half of the year. In the second half of the year, we will work hand in hand, focus on the goal, concentrate our efforts, harness the potential breakthroughs, and under the guidance of the enterprise mission and Chairman Chen Xiaolin, the development of Tianjie will surely take a new step forward!

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