Good news | Our employees were selected as "Zhejiang Young Craftsmen"

  • Time of issue:2023-03-29
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Good news | Our employees were selected as "Zhejiang Young Craftsmen"

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  • Time of issue:2023-03-29
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Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security announced the list of personnel of the "Zhejiang Young Craftsman" training project in 2022, and a total of 6 young skilled talents in Lin'an District were selected as "Zhejiang Young Craftsmen", and our employee Xie Zhongzheng was selected

Xie Zhongzheng, employee, technician and engineer of Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Co., Ltd. From a front-line mechanical and electrician maintenance worker, to the technical department engaged in testing work, and then transferred to the R & D testing center, his work ability has been unanimously recognized by everyone.



He learned inspection skills in the workshop, actively participated in training and skill competitions, won the first prize of the Lin'an Cable Inspection Competition in 2017, was awarded the "Lin'an District Technical Hand", was responsible for the laboratory accreditation project and passed the CNAS accreditation in 2019, two new products were identified as provincial industrial new products, and two products were recognized as national green design products; In the past three years, he has presided over more than 10 new product developments; Obtained more than 20 authorized patents; The journal published 4 technical papers; In 2021, he participated in the National Wire and Cable Manufacturing (Inspection Worker) Skill Competition and won the first place in the final, was awarded the "Operation Technical Expert" of the national machinery industry, and reported to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security to award the "National Technical Expert". He also actively leads apprenticeships and organizes many internal training sessions to help many people improve their skills. The tenacity of "one step at a time" has made his electrician career, and he uses the pace of "no accumulation of steps to reach thousands of miles" to transmit the power of youth to the "craftsman spirit".




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