Linglong Street held the 2023 Economic Work Conference

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Linglong Street held the 2023 Economic Work Conference

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  • Time of issue:2023-03-29
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In order to deeply implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and the National Two Sessions, review the economic operation in 2022, analyze and judge the current economic situation, and arrange the next step of work. Recently, Linglong Street held the "Industrial Upgrading Great Leap Platform Expansion and Great Improvement" and the 2023 Economic Work Conference. Members of the street team, heads of enterprises with upper industrial and limited tertiary industries, heads of member enterprises of the Linglong Chamber of Commerce, heads of street departments and members of the Economic Development Office attended the meeting.


▲Top 10 enterprises in tax contribution in 2022 and top 10 self-operated export enterprises in 2022

Chairman Chen Xiaolin of Tianjie Industry took the stage to receive the award 


▲ Chen Xiaolin, representative of street entrepreneurs and president of the Chamber of Commerce, issued an initiative.


Jiang Bo, secretary of the street party working committee, fully affirmed the economic work of the street in 2022, analyzed the economic work in 2022 and the current economic situation, and made the next action deployment.

Review of economic work in 2022

The development of industrial economy has achieved smooth operation. Linglong Street ranked first in the region in the 2022 "Industrial Strong Zone" action and won the "Fast Horse Award", which was fully affirmed by the district committee and district government. The "six major offensives" operation has achieved solid results. 103 high-consumption and inefficient enterprises were rectified, 499 mu of inefficient industrial land were revitalized, a total of 702 mu of land was acquired on both sides of Jiuzhou Street and Hongdu Block, and 1 billion yuan project and 3 100 million yuan projects were introduced.



This meeting not only commended the advanced and boosted morale, but also clarified the goals and implemented the responsibilities, which not only improved the theoretical literacy, but also broadened the horizon. Street workers and entrepreneurs will strengthen their confidence, focus on industry, and jointly push the Linglong economy to the big stage of high-quality development.




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