Tianye Industry Fully Promotes the "Master-Apprentice" Talent Training Mode

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Tianye Industry Fully Promotes the "Master-Apprentice" Talent Training Mode

(Summary description)



Just after the Year of the Tiger, the brilliant fireworks of the Lantern Festival of the Rabbit still blossom in the air. Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Co., Ltd. ushered in the New Year Mobilization Conference in 2023. Sun Fuming, General Manager of Marketing of the company, made a mobilization speech. From the three dimensions of "Where do we come from, where do we go and what should we do", he explained the mission and vision of the company, clarified the main task objectives and main work of the company in 2023, and proposed that all employees of the company should establish "four consciousness", namely "political awareness, general awareness, core awareness and alignment awareness". The whole company should concentrate on one thing, the same desire, the same chess, the same network, the same dimension, and attack the same city wall.



Talents are the guarantee of the long-term development of the enterprise. This year, the company fully promotes the "teacher-apprentice" talent training mode, and has combed out 61 experienced teachers who are highly in harmony with the company's culture. Under the guidance and guidance of the teachers, new employees can better play their smart talents on the company platform, quickly integrate into the company's culture and daily work, and achieve the company's talent doubling goal of 2027.



This year is the key year for the company's IPO. Whether sales and profits can achieve year-on-year growth is a test for all outstanding people. We only have firm confidence, keep an eye on the target, unify our thoughts, unify our understanding, work hard and strive hard to make progress. We will devote ourselves to every day's work with the spirit of striving for the evening only, work hard to achieve the company's business goal of 2023, and lay a solid foundation for the company's development in the next five years.






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