2000 yuan per person!

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2000 yuan per person!

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"In addition to the year-end awards and annual goods, an additional 2,000 yuan New Crown Rehabilitation and Nutrition Subsidy has been issued this year." In recent years, the desire to return home has become more urgent. Li Yan of Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Co., Ltd. has packed up his luggage and has left for the Spring Festival in Nanyang, Henan Province today. This new crown rehabilitation nutrition allowance made him unexpectedly warm and even more happy to go home. "It is said that it was temporarily decided by the company to issue, because in December everyone is very hard, in order to ensure production, take the initiative to take sick on duty, this allowance hope we take advantage of the New Year to have a good rest."



"In December, the company has 10 million US dollars in cable production and shipment tasks, but unfortunately the epidemic spread and the employees get sick one after another. In this case, people still work together to overcome the discomfort and difficulties caused by the disease, fighting for nearly 10 days and finally completed the production and shipment tasks on schedule." Dai Yinli, chairman of the trade union of the company, said that in recent years, the cable market has been affected by the epidemic and fluctuated. However, the company's annual production and sales growth, of which, sales in 2022 increased by 6.27% compared to 2021. This is due to the joint efforts of 330 employees. For this reason, on the basis of issuing the fixed year-end award, the chairman Chen Xiaolin proposed to add a new crown rehabilitation nutrition allowance. After discussion, the company decided to give an additional 660,000 yuan and grant each person 2000 yuan allowance. "The decision was announced at the annual meeting and won applause from employees."

In addition to the new crown rehabilitation nutrition allowance, Tianjie Industry also grants Spring Festival holidays of varying lengths according to the distance from home. Among them, employees from the farthest places such as Yunguichuan can return home on January 12 and can be delayed for three days. At the same time, the employees shall be reimbursed for their road charges. If they have worked in the company for one year, they shall be reimbursed in full. If the period is less than one year, the expenses for one-way travel shall be reimbursed.



"Employees who return to work on time after the festival will also be given a red envelope for the start of the year," said Dai Yinli. In the previous period, the trade union conducted a survey of employees'intention to return to work. From the survey, the return rate reached 100%. For some employees who stay in Linan for the New Year, the trade union of the company will apply for large gift packs for them and organize activities such as dinner together and giving red bags to the children of the employees'families on the 29th night of the year, so that the employees who stay in Linan will feel the festivity and the warmth of the trade union.




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