New Start, New Leap Forward - Keep Mission in mind, Focus on Objectives and Create a Future

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New Start, New Leap Forward - Keep Mission in mind, Focus on Objectives and Create a Future

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On the afternoon of January 9, Tianjie Industry held a grand meeting in the multi-functional hall of Tianjie Industry "The company's business summary award in 2022 and the meeting for all the staff to make clear and achieve the goals in 2023". The theme of the meeting was "A new starting point, a new leap forward - remember your mission, focus on your goals, and create a future together". More than 300 employees of the company attended the meeting, and the conference was presided over by Xie Jie, the manager of materials department.


First link: Summary of management in 2022

The meeting kicked off with the members standing up to sing "Song of the Great Master". First, the general manager Sun Fuming will make a summary report of the company's operation and management in 2022. He thanked all Tianjie partners for their concerted efforts in creating a sales performance of 799 million yuan and creating three histories (sales revenue, profits, December shipments) in such an environment. Nevertheless, we should never be complacent about our achievements, because of the reduction in raw material prices, the exchange rate of the Renminbi, and the reduction in shipping charges. Then he summarized what he has done in the past year, and what has not been completed. In the face of some unfinished projects, he called on all Tianjie employees to achieve and complete with a down-to-earth style and perseverance.


Second link:Recognize various advanced technologies in 2022

Next, Dai Yinli, the manager of the Human Resources Department, read out the company's No. 3 document, "About the Recognition of Advanced Decisions of the Year 2022", and celebrated the outstanding employees, outstanding organizations and retired employees of the year.


Section 3: Report on the Company's Operational Objectives in 2023

Next, the manager of the General Management Department, Luo Xiaoxiang, read out the document No. 1 of the company - "Notice on the Five-Year Business Strategy of the company and the Decomposition of its Business Objectives in 2023 and the Important Work of its Departments", and made a more detailed report on the company's five-year Business Strategy, the 2023 Business Objectives and the Decomposition of its Departments Objectives


Section 4: Speeches by Delegates

Speech on behalf of Regional Manager of Sales Systems: Yao Huang, Regional Manager of Northwest Europe, Cable International Sales Department, spoke on behalf of her. She mentioned the performance in 2022 because of the cohesion of all of you, especially the shipment of cable sales in December exceeded the $10 million mark, and we were still strong when our colleagues were in the doldrums! The performance in 2022 is based on the long-term stable cooperation of some customers in Europe and the United States, and the participation of a number of new large customers.

2023 was a year of crisis and challenge. Externally, we need to develop and promote customers at different sales levels. Internally, we should continue to expand our sales force, and be normal and disciplined to become a sales backbone that can withstand pressure and win battles.

Speech by Manager of Manufacturing Systems: Representative Zhang Xiaoer, Manager of Manufacturing Systems, spoke. First of all, she mentioned that in late December, the most critical annual rush performance, the epidemic suddenly swept over our entire factory. At this critical moment, few of the managerial cadres of the entire manufacturing team take time off from work and rely on their strong perseverance to stick to their posts. Our administrative departments, party members and some sales partners lay down their work and come to manufacturing to help pack and assist production to complete the December shipment task.

Looking back on the past 2002, coaxial production has decreased considerably, but our security and networking production have increased to varying degrees. Through an article called "Winter in Huawei", she reminds every employee to be safe and optimistic instead of blindly optimistic. Success will always belong to a prepared enterprise. To achieve the strategic goals of 2023, she proposes a series of key tasks. We hope that all the employees of the manufacturing system will persevere, work together and achieve one goal after another.

Delegates of Excellent Employees Speech: Three representatives of Excellent Employees Speech (Wang Zhipeng, Army Leader, Longyang). They thank the company for its trust and cultivation, and they say that they will continue to work hard in their respective positions and contribute to the future of excellence.


Section 5: Chairman's Summary Speech

Finally, the Chairman of the Board made an important speech on the 30th year of Tianjie's establishment. He mentioned Tianjie's vision, mission and values again. He emphasized that all employees should maintain a high degree of consistency in values and fully promote the enterprise spirit of "practical, inclusive, learning and innovation" of Tianjie.

In the face of this epidemic sweeping our entire factory, many employees in the company still stick to their positions to ensure that production and shipment proceed in an orderly manner, and the chairman is very moved. For this reason, he proposed to give each Tianjie employee a 2,000 yuan "New Crown Rehabilitation Nutrition Allowance", which immediately won applause from the whole staff. This fully reflects the motto of the chairman, "Everything is for employees, all depends on employees".

At the same time, he encourages employees to maximize their potential and see Tianjie's career as their own to create a better life together! To achieve the "Preferred Supplier for High-end Customers in the Global Cable Industry", we need to strictly demand ourselves with the highest quality, management and service standards in the world.

What's the fear of breaking through the wind and waves? The road is long, but the road will come. Hard as it is, it must be done. 2023 is a new starting point, but I believe it is also a new leap forward. 2023 is bound to be a year of sweat. Let's continue to work hard for this year's goal, move forward and open up a new situation in 2023!




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