Celebrate Craftsman's Day and Create Workers' Soul

  • Time of issue:2022-11-15
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Celebrate Craftsman's Day and Create Workers' Soul

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  • Time of issue:2022-11-15
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All generations have ingenuity, and all craftsmen have come to start their business. Lin'an, a famous city in Wuyue, is also a city where famous craftsmen gather.

Today is 926 Craftsman's Day. In order to vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmanship, strengthen the work brand of "Tianmu Craftsman", and cultivate a large scale, high-quality, skilled and highly skilled industrial workers with craftsmanship, Lin'an District organized the third "Tianmu Craftsman" certification this year. After recommendation, preliminary review, recognition and publicity, 10 comrades were recognized as the third "Tianmu Craftsmen", and our employee Xie Zhongzheng was selected.

About Xie Zhongzheng

Xie Zhongzheng, Director of Testing Department of Zhejiang Tianjie Industry Co., Ltd. He has been engaged in wire and cable work for more than ten years, and has won the first prize of the fourth national wire and cable manufacturer (inspector) in the national machinery industry, the first prize of the national second class vocational skills competition, and the fifth prize of the communication cable group in the first Zhejiang wire and cable inspector skills competition. Draft one Zhejiang manufacturing standard and two enterprise standards. In recent years, he has presided over and participated in the development of more than 20 new products, including 2 provincial industrial new products.

Our company was awarded "Tianmu Craftsman Cultivation Base"

Labor creates happiness, and hard work makes great achievements. Let the whole district vigorously carry forward the spirit of model workers, labor spirit and craftsmanship, guide the staff to unite more closely, forge ahead in a new journey, make contributions to a new era, and meet the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress with practical actions.

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