Our company is listed as the "leader" of Zhejiang's domestic and foreign trade integration

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(Summary description)

Our company is listed as the "leader" of Zhejiang's domestic and foreign trade integration

(Summary description)


Our company is listed as the "leader" of Zhejiang's domestic and foreign trade integration


Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce announces the third batch

"Leader" enterprise integrating domestic and foreign trade

And the list of industrial bases for reform pilot projects

7 enterprises in Lin'an were selected

Our company is listed


Zhejiang Tianjie Industry Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Foster Applied Materials Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Nandu Power Supply Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Xinfu Technology Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Reliable Care Products Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Yuzhong Gaohong Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Tianheng Machinery Co., Ltd

In recent years, due to epidemic situation and other factors, foreign trade enterprises face major challenges. Lin'an District actively promotes the integration of domestic and foreign trade, guides enterprises to accelerate the integration of domestic trade and foreign trade, and takes the road of "domestic and international double circulation, domestic trade and foreign trade are driven together".

Tianjie Industry is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of coaxial cables, PVC profiles, plastic steel doors and windows and accessories, connecting wires, coaxial cable accessories, wires, cables, optical fiber cables and accessories, cable materials and wooden plates.

The company has advanced production, process equipment and testing equipment in the industry. It has advanced technology, standardized management and perfect quality assurance system. It has passed various system certifications and a number of international product certifications. Its annual cable production capacity has reached 570000 kilometers, and its self operated export volume has always been among the best in Lin'an.

The company is based on the market segment, focuses on the world, aims at high-end customers, and constantly makes efforts to provide customers with better products and services.

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