Our company was shortlisted as a national specialized and new "little giant" enterprise

  • Time of issue:2022-11-15
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Our company was shortlisted as a national specialized and new "little giant" enterprise

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  • Time of issue:2022-11-15
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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the fourth batch of national specialized and special new "little giant" enterprises, seven of which were shortlisted in Lin'an, including Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Co., Ltd. Up to now, there have been 10 "little giant" enterprises specializing in special new products in our district.

What does "Specialization, refinement and novelty" mean?

"Specialization, refinement and innovation" is a major project implemented by the state to guide SMEs to enhance their independent innovation ability and core competitiveness, and constantly improve the quality and level of development of SMEs. The national "small giant" enterprise specializing in specialty and innovation refers to the leader and leader of small and medium-sized enterprises with the characteristics of "specialization, refinement, characterization and novelty", and is also a leading enterprise focusing on market segmentation, strong innovation ability, high market share, mastering key core technologies, serving key links of the industry chain, and excellent quality and efficiency.

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