The cable industry vocational exam is held in our company

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The cable industry vocational exam is held in our company

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  • Time of issue:2022-09-20
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The occupational examination for special types of work in the wire and cable industry in Lin'an District was held in our company

Recently, the "2022 Lin'an District Wire and Cable Industry-specific Occupational Examination" was held in our company. The examination was composed of three people, Secretary-General Ke of Zhejiang Wire and Cable Industry Association, and four people from Wanma Co., Ltd. Ye Jinlong formed an evaluation team to supervise the whole process of the examination. , marking and scoring. The examination room is mainly arranged in the coaxial workshop, the network line workshop and the testing center. In this vocational qualification examination, a total of 16 people participated in the extruder and inspector examination, including 4 employees including our employee Potianle. The exam started at 8.30 and lasted until 3:00 pm. The participants were full of energy, answered the questions actively, and responded calmly.
This assessment examines their comprehensive strength from two aspects: theoretical knowledge and practical skills. All participants devote themselves fully and methodically demonstrate their strength. In the written test, they were calm and composed and handed in the perfect answer sheet with precise and concise answers; during the field operation, they were conscientious and focused, fully demonstrated their good professionalism with their skilled skills, and also reflected the spirit of craftsmanship that strives for perfection.

Through this assessment, we expect all participants to continuously improve their abilities, improve the quality and efficiency of work, ensure the excellent quality of each process, and create the best quality and excellent products in the follow-up work.

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