Welcome to the Asian Games, start with me

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Welcome to the Asian Games, start with me

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"Do a good meeting and improve a city"! The 19th Asian Games in 2022 will be grandly opened in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China on September 10, 2022, the full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival. As this much-anticipated event is approaching, the Asian Games torch is about to be lit all over Hangzhou.


In order to welcome this event with the best environment, Linglong Street held a 5-month-long and 10,000-person event on the morning of April 8. The "Pedestrian Walk" environmental improvement activity officially kicked off at the North Square of the Sports Culture Convention and Exhibition Center in Lin'an District. The launching ceremony was held at the wrestling and taekwondo competition venues of the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games.


At the scene, more than 200 Asian Games city volunteers from local agencies, villages, party members, league members, women's federations, trade unions, etc., dressed in volunteer vests and "Ling Xiaohong" hats, stood in a square formation, and 24 teams took over. Environmental remediation commando flag. After the flag-giving, 24 teams immediately went to six core areas around the Asian Games venues to carry out environmental improvement. On this day, several employees of our company participated in this event. As Lin'an people, the Asian Games can be held in front of our house, and at the same time, they can also participate in the improvement of the surrounding environment of the venue, so as to contribute to the Asian Games. We sincerely feel happy. We look forward to the early arrival of the Asian Games and wish the Hangzhou Asian Games a complete success!


It is also understood that Linglong Street is starting to build a provincial model of industrial beautiful towns this year. The street closely follows the opportunity of "the location of the Hangzhou Asian Games venue", and takes the creation of "Beautiful Hangzhou" as the starting point to carry out in-depth garbage classification, three changes and one demolition. , the five waters are jointly controlled, and the tasks of cleaning up the fields, clearing the scribbles, improving the classification quality, cleaning up the river water bodies, rectifying the disorderly construction, and beautifying the courtyard environment have been assigned. According to the breakdown of the on-site tasks, we will focus on the main traffic roads, illegal buildings, surrounding open spaces, etc., and do a good job in garbage classification, removal and transportation, demolition of illegal constructions, and greening of open spaces. At that time, we will welcome the arrival of the Asian Games with a beautiful environment.



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