[Good News] The first place in the finals

  • Time of issue:2022-03-10
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(Summary description)Tianjie Industrial employees won the first place in the finals of "National Cable Inspection Cup"

[Good News] The first place in the finals

(Summary description)Tianjie Industrial employees won the first place in the finals of "National Cable Inspection Cup"

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-10
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A few days ago, the 2021 National Industry Vocational Skills Competition - "National Cable Inspection Cup" National Fourth Wire and Cable Manufacturer (Inspector) Vocational Skills Competition was officially announced. As a leader in the cable industry in Lin'an, Tianjie Industry has achieved extraordinary results.

Tianjie Industry contestant Xie Zhongzheng won the first place in the 4th Wire and Cable Professional Skills Competition of the National "National Cable Inspection Cup". At the same time, Shuai Pingyue and Qin Ruipan of Tianjie Industrial won the third prize in the Zhejiang Province "Zhaolong Cup" Communication Cable Inspector Vocational Skills Competition.

Review "National Cable Inspection Cup"
This competition is the highest standard competition held by the national cable industry. After layers of selection, 174 cable inspection elites who stood out from 13 competition areas, 22 provinces, 443 enterprises and 3,114 contestants across the country entered the "final circle". During the four-day competition and exchanges on the same stage, representatives of Tianjie Industry Xie Zhongzheng, Shuai Pingyue, Qin Ruipan and other players took every detail of the competition seriously with full enthusiasm, high fighting spirit, and hardworking and enterprising spirit. Some levels have achieved excellent results and successfully completed various competitions.

Honors and Testimonials
To this end, the company held an honorary award ceremony for the three award-winning employees yesterday morning. The company awarded Xie Zhongzheng the honorary certificate of "Tianjie Industry 2021 Outstanding Achievement Award", and a cash check of 80,000 yuan was awarded. At the same time, Shuai Pingyue and Qin Ruipan were awarded honorary certificates and cash cheques of 10,000 yuan each.

General Manager Sun Fuming gave a speech on the achievements of the three. He emphasized the high "gold content" of the first honor of "National Cable Testing Cup". This is the highest personal honor in Tianjie's history, and he is proud and happy. thing. At the same time, he encouraged everyone to learn from them and work meticulously, innovatively and persistently with this "competitive spirit" in their usual work.

Xie Zhongzheng, who won the first prize in the "National Cable Inspection Cup" competition, said that he was honored to participate in this competition and achieved satisfactory results. He shared that in his usual work, he completed various projects with a conscientious and down-to-earth attitude. Tianjie is a platform for cultivating, exercising, and achieving people. On this platform, he has continuously experienced and grown, accumulated rich inspection experience, and won many honors.

Emphasize technology and cultivate talents
Finally, the chairman expressed his comments on the achievements of the three. He said that most people are "gold", but in many cases, we may create value in a "broken and broken" way. There is no shortage of "gold" in this world. What is really lacking are people who are fully confident, who can restore "gold" to its original appearance and make "gold" shine.
The chairman called on all employees to learn from Xie Zhongzheng. And encourage the winning employees of the competition, expect them to start with the current achievements, live up to expectations, make persistent efforts, and achieve better results.

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