Activities | Tianjie Qingshan Lake Happy Trail

  • Time of issue:2021-09-28
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(Summary description)Walk around the lake and mountains, and go hand in hand happily.

Activities | Tianjie Qingshan Lake Happy Trail

(Summary description)Walk around the lake and mountains, and go hand in hand happily.

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  • Time of issue:2021-09-28
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Introduction: Walk around the lake and across the mountains, and walk happily hand in hand. People walking in the painting, remember the Qingshan Lake the most!

On a sunny weekend, a 12-kilometer journey gathered about 50 Tianjie’s family members for a trail walk. With the belief in life along the way and a degree of exercise, I encountered the beauty of the autumnal equinox, adding a youthful vigor to Qingshan Lake.

In the early autumn morning, the sun fell on Qingshan Lake, and Tianjie’s family came to the Liuzhuang Station at Babaili early, all energetic and energetic, looking forward to the beginning of Qingshan Lake’s perseverance.

The trail journey this time starts from the Liuzhuang Station in Babaili, passes through Ruizhu Temple, Yangshuwan, Qingshuiwan, Qilin Villa, Diluwan, and then returns to the starting station, the whole journey is about 12 kilometers.

After a simple warm-up exercise, everyone stepped on the sunshine, faced the breeze, and ordered loud slogans, and the mighty team set off in an orderly manner.

Along the way, everyone who walked forward was filled with a happy smile, taking a deep breath of "fresh oxygen" from Qingshan Lake, and feeling the happiness brought by forgiving. The team members bathed in the warm autumnal equinox sun, traversed the mountains and forests, passed by the winding and quiet lake shores and natural villages near the lake. The team of four chased them intensely and fiercely.

In order to ensure that the family can complete the trekking challenge comfortably and at ease, the staff of this event will also provide caring services to the team members at the supply station in a full spirit.

After about 2 hours of journey, all the team members reached the finish line. In the end, 6 "Individual Hero Awards" and 6 groups of "Team Awards" were obtained, and commemorative medals and gifts were used to reward the competition.

One person can go fast, but a group of people can go further. Perseverance is a physical challenge, a spiritual force, and a mutual cohesion. Do not forget the original intention, walk together. In the future, Tianjie employees will also inject the spirit of perseverance into their work, moving forward, delivering more unity, friendship and positive energy!





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