Craftsman spirit | Be proficient in craftsmanship, craftsmanship in heart, and good character!

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(Summary description)Only do one thing well in a lifetime.

Craftsman spirit | Be proficient in craftsmanship, craftsmanship in heart, and good character!

(Summary description)Only do one thing well in a lifetime.

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  • Time of issue:2021-09-28
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Introduction: "boring holes can be processed to 0 wire or ±1 wire on ordinary machine tools, and the deformation straightness of various easily deformable cold-rolled stainless steels within 300 mm can be less than 5 wires." 100 wire is equal to 1 mm, this error It is completely indistinguishable by the naked eye. This accuracy can only be achieved by Wang Rongdong in the workshop of a group company in Hangzhou.

Yesterday morning, Tianjie Industrial ushered in the September All-Staff Learning Conference, with the theme of "Craftsman Spirit-Only Do One Thing in Your Life". Our company is honored to invite the national model worker Wang Rongdong as the teacher of this training. To
Mr. Wang vividly shared his craftsmanship. He started as a milling "rookie", after more than 20 years of hard work, he won the National Model Worker Honor Award in November 2020. In his body, we have realized the spirit of being a craftsman of love, dedication, continuous focus, pioneering and innovation, and excellence.

In 1995, Wang Rongdong came to Hangzhou to work alone, and was introduced to an equipment company in Hangzhou as an apprentice. Since then, he has become acquainted with milling machines. Outside of work, Wang Rongdong will go back and forth more than 20 kilometers to the Xinhua Bookstore on Jiefang Road to check professional books and continue to charge, copy useful knowledge, and ask teachers and workers if he doesn’t understand. Within a few years, he will be able to master the craftsmanship of his master.
In 2007, Wang Rongdong joined a group company in Hangzhou through recruitment, which coincided with the company's large-scale construction of a new production line. He carefully analyzed the drawings, studied hard, designed and manufactured a set of general tooling for the split chain plate, which greatly simplified the processing difficulty of the workpiece and the applicability of the machine tool, greatly improved the production efficiency, and ensured the progress of the new production line. Saved nearly one million yuan in production costs for the company.
After more than 20 years of painstaking polishing and sculpting, Wang Rongdong has transformed from a "miller rookie" to a "miller expert". With his work spirit of excellence, he made him stand on the podium of the first prize in the Milling Competition of the Provincial Workers' Vocational Skills Competition. At the same time, he also won the honorary titles of "2019 Zhejiang Province Model Worker" and "The Third Hangzhou Craftsman".
A good craftsman is not only playing his skills, but also going through the process of tempering his character and character. After listening to his story, his enthusiasm for milling and drilling and dedication to learning moved us very much!
The spirit of craftsmanship is worthy of continuous pursuit by each of our Tianjie employees! It is not a slogan, it exists in everyone's heart. The long-term development of an enterprise is inseparable from the spirit of craftsman; the continuous operation of an enterprise is inseparable from the intensive cultivation of each employee in his own work position. Through this study, let "craftsmanship spirit" become the spiritual pursuit of all our employees of Tianjie.
Be proficient in craftsmanship, craftsmanship in heart, and good character! Persist in Tianjie's innovative concept of changing the status quo, surpassing oneself, and continuous innovation. In daily work, we will create a more brilliant future for Tianjie with a meticulous, constant improvement, and consistent spirit and attitude!




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