Full of caring and caring, do you feel it?

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(Summary description)The concern from the leaders, let’s take a look~

Full of caring and caring, do you feel it?

(Summary description)The concern from the leaders, let’s take a look~


The high temperature period in the summer this year lasted longer than in previous years. The high temperature environment caused a continuous decline in everyone's physical comfort. The originally relatively closed plant was exposed to the scorching sun in summer, and the indoor working environment became more unbearable. However, Tianjie’s employees were not afraid of the high temperature and stuck to their jobs as always. What's more gratifying is that the care from all aspects of the company allows employees to feel full of caring in the heat. Let's take a look~

1. Trade union care-timely heatstroke prevention and cooling products
In order to prevent various safety accidents and heat strokes caused by the hot weather in midsummer, and to ensure the safety and health of employees, the company's labor union is employee-oriented, and distributes laundry detergent, mung beans, napkins, wind oil, and ageum to each employee. Zhengqi water and other heatstroke prevention and cooling items have brought coolness and care to all employees in this hot summer.

2. Leadership care-considerate mung bean soup
Knowing the hard work of the front-line employees of the workshop, in order to relieve the discomfort of the front-line employees caused by the hot weather, the company leaders specially ordered the canteen and the gate to arrange the production of iced mung bean soup and the delivery of specialty herbal tea (June Cream) for the front-line employees. The use of food, a sip of herbal tea after work, don’t say how warm the hearts of the employees are. A workshop employee said thankfully that drinking a cup of mung bean soup under the heat of almost heatstroke is really comfortable. Thank you for the company's consideration and care to the employees.

3. Colleagues care-the love popsicles of Tianjie party members
In the hot summer, of course, the caring figure of party members and comrades is indispensable. A party member of Tianjie saw that the sweaty front-line employees were still orderly working in the heat-resistant workshop, and more than once spontaneously sent desserts, watermelon and ice cream to the workshop employees to express her gratitude and gratitude to the tireless production staff. Persevere, this kind of loving action is worth learning from each of our colleagues, give her a lot of praise.

Fourth, management care-the equipment of the love umbrella
Did you find that you didn't bring an umbrella when it rained heavily or encountered the blazing sun? Is this feeling of helplessness deeply felt? After knowing everyone's needs, the company specially applied for a batch of umbrellas to be placed on the first floor of the administrative building to meet the urgent needs of all employees. Do you think this move is very considerate? Have time to experience it~
Tianjie’s employee care is much more than that. Although they are all very small things, they actually fulfill our company mission: to provide customers with excellent services, to create a better life for employees, and to contribute to social progress.

Thanks to every employee who still sticks to their posts in the hot summer!

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