Building Common Prosperity Demonstration Enterprises with High-quality Development

  • Time of issue:2021-07-14
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Building Common Prosperity Demonstration Enterprises with High-quality Development

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  • Time of issue:2021-07-14
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At Tianjie University classroom, June 19th, "Exploration Trip" demonstration enterprise high-end conference was held. The meeting invited three experts including Mr.Lu Jianzhong-President of China Affairs of France Essilor Group, and Vice Chairman of the China Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Think Tank - to be present and give instructions.



Mr. Sun Fuming-GM of Tianjie presided over the meeting. The Appointment Ceremony was firstly carried out at the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Lu Jianzhong was appointed as the Chief Consultant of Tianjie, Mr.Wang Daoren and Zhu Yanchun were apppointed as the consultants of Tianjie.



Mr.Chen Xiaolin- Chairman of Tianjie prefaced the meeting, reviewed the achievements and problems of 28-year’s development, expounded the company's latest strategic goal of 110 for a period of three years, and expressed the company's future development expectations. At the same time, he warmly welcomes the three experts appointed today to join Tianjie and enhance the strength of the company.

Subsequently, the meeting conducted professional discussions on the three major sections of Tianjie's sales team, manufacturing team, and service and support team. At the same time, they conducted in-depth exchanges on constructive topics such as how to break down Tianjie’s “110 strategic goal” within three years, deepen the spirit of craftsmanship, and build a model enterprise of common prosperity. The experts put forward a series of targeted, constructive and innovative guidance and suggestions.



The successful holding of this meeting marked an important step for Tianjie towards "A demonstration enterprise of high-quality development and construction of common prosperity".



Reported by Comprehensive Management Department of TIANJIE

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