Staff birthday party - Report

Time of issue: : 2021-02--25
In order to carry forward the corporate culture, reflect the company's humanistic management and care for employees, and let employees truly integrate into the company's big family, Tianjie industry held a January February birthday party in the classroom of staff University in the evening of February 25, 2021. At this moment, the indoor atmosphere is very warm and the laughter is constant. In the harvest and blessing sound, will be a simple and happy smile in memory! The room has been decorated with colorful balloons and decorative elements, and the birthday stars come into the room one after another. Later, the host Shuai Pingyue made a speech. He was approachable and made everyone feel warm. First of all, we selected two lucky birthday stars by drawing lots, and each made his own birthday wish. Then we sing "happy birthday song" together and give it to every colleague present. The song contains heavy blessings. Blow the candles together, share the birthday cake, enjoy the fruit together, and finally share the part. Everyone expressed their birthday sentiments in turn. General manager Sun fuming came to the scene, sincerely wish you a happy birthday. Finally, everyone took photos in front of the background wall, which ended in a happy atmosphere. A birthday star said excitedly afterwards: "I have been in the company for so many years. This is the first time that the company has held a theme birthday party for its employees. It is very grand. I am very moved. Thank the company for its carefully prepared birthday party." This brilliant smile, a sincere wish, to Tianjie people with different moved!                  
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Cooking small dishes like managing large enterprises

Time of issue: : 2021-01--04
Yesterday morning, Tianjie industry ushered in the first full-time learning conference in the new year. The theme is "cooking small dishes like big enterprises - let us move from ordinary to excellent". Wang Kanghong, the principal of Lin'an district staff vocational education center, was the training teacher.       At the beginning, Mr. Wang said that managing enterprises and cooking small dishes are the same principle, and there are methods to follow. When our enterprises are running, sometimes they can't grasp the root of the problem in a myriad of things. They are busy all day, but the effect is not good. The reason is that we can't take a comprehensive view of the overall situation and analyze it in detail. Similarly, in their personal career, employees sometimes do not recognize their own identity, job responsibilities, and do not establish a good work attitude. As a result, their comprehensive ability can not be improved. A person from ordinary to excellent can start from the following four aspects:   ---- Goal orientation: to run a large enterprise is like cooking a small dish, with ambition in mind, Believe that there is nothing you can't do. You have to decide what you want to cook. Some people have learned all 18 kinds of martial arts, but they are not good at it. Some people have been apprentices all their lives, constantly changing professions. This shows that he lacks correct career planning and positioning. Positioning is the first step. Positioning determines one's achievements.   ---- Accumulation and precipitation: to cook small dishes, you must have various ingredients. It's a long and hard work to try to prepare the food. It takes time to prepare for good food. People must accumulate years of experience in a line to be called "good use" by enterprises. For example, Mr. Wang, a character named Gong Zhengwei, started from the stamping workshop mold workers, to quality inspection, to be responsible for the design and development of new products, it has been 22 years. He is not good at speech, communication and mechanical professional quality. However, many inventions and technological innovations have been born in the simple design room, which has created great value for the development of the enterprise.   ---- Keep improving: thirdly, we should pay attention to the choice of raw materials when cooking small dishes, How much oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, onion, ginger and garlic oil to take and how to choose from each other are all learned. How to choose and how much to use in cooking is very important. A person has to do a line, love a line, drill a line, can become a line. Only by persisting in the profession and working hard, can we create miracles. After listening to the stories of Ye Jinlong and Gong Zhengwei, we were very moved. It's not that as long as you work hard, you will surely achieve your wonderful life. It's just that as long as you give more enthusiasm than others, pursue excellence spirit and constantly surpass yourself, your talent will not be buried.   ---- Responsibility and attitude: the most lethal is the grasp of fire, The skill is only in the heart and clear. The same ingredients, the same process, different heat will cook different dishes. The grasp of fire, that is, the degree we often say, is also pointing to a person's attitude. A person's ability and technology are good, but his work attitude is not correct and his sense of responsibility is not strong, which will hinder his career development. Responsibility can make you stand out among all employees. To choose a position, the same is to choose a responsibility, and we should take on the tasks and missions brought by this position. The dishes cooked in this way are delicious and delicious. Finally, Mr. Wang said that if we want to achieve my career dream, we must regard the company as the stage of his career and treat the work with the attitude of master. I believe that even ordinary jobs will do extraordinary things when we make companies writers and take work as home things. 2021 is the opening year of the 14th five year plan of China and an important year for Tianjie to achieve the 110 goal. We should recognize ourselves, cherish the platform and position we have, and success has no shortcut, no path, only by stepping down to the ground to refuel, can we move from ordinary to excellent.      
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The fourth enterprise culture knowledge competition

Time of issue: : 2020-12--07
Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise, the guiding ideology of all business activities of an enterprise, and the internal driving force to promote the development and progress of an enterprise.     In order to deepen employees' understanding of corporate culture, let everyone further identify and practice corporate culture, and form a consistent cultural atmosphere. On the morning of December 7, Tianjie industry's "fourth enterprise culture knowledge competition" was successfully held in the company's multi-function hall. This corporate culture knowledge competition is slightly different from the past - all members participate in the answer, divided into 11 groups, each group set up a team leader. The panel is composed of chairman Chen Xiaolin, rotating CEOs sun fuming, Xie Jie and Yu Hengxue, and manager of legal, cultural and publicity department Zeng Jianmin. The host is Shuai Pingyue, manager of general management department. The competition is divided into four types: must answer question, grab answer question, risk question and prize answer question. Before the competition, the host made an opening speech, focusing on the purpose and significance of the competition. With warm applause, the enterprise culture knowledge competition officially began. In the "required questions" section, each group has three competing questions, which can be answered by members of each group. Some team leaders are not well prepared and have been waiting anxiously towards the rear. The team leaders who are well prepared answer quickly. In the "rush to answer" link, with a "start", the team leaders press the rush to answer device in their hands at the fastest speed. Some press too fast to be prompted as a foul; some press too slowly to miss the qualification; only those who know the rules of the responder can be successful and qualified. The leader of the production support department is in the lead for many times. In the "prize competition" session, many people rush to raise their hands to answer questions and choose their favorite gifts. In the "risk problem ring" section, it challenges everyone's psychological quality, but also tests everyone's knowledge reserve. Some groups are not well prepared and choose simple questions; others are not afraid of risks and choose difficult questions and answer them fluently. The competition has reached a climax and the gap is widening. Among them, the technology department / quality section group performed the most eye-catching and cooperated the most tacit, and finally won the competition and won the first prize of the competition. After the competition, the host summarized and commented on the knowledge competition. After that, Mr. Chen announced the winners of the competition and held the award ceremony. First prize of quality department Second prize company administration Third prize: Production Support Department Best individual award: Lin Fengqin The purpose of holding this corporate culture knowledge competition is to let all employees further deepen their understanding and understanding of the connotation of corporate culture. To achieve the purpose of promoting learning by competition and realizing by learning. May our corporate culture be rooted in the hearts of all our employees, become a conscious behavior that we do not need to remind, and provide strong guarantee and support for the development of the enterprise.                        
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