Tianjie industry has advanced production lines of RF coaxial cable, data cable, security cable, smart home cable and the supporting Internet of things online detection system. We set up an independent CNAS testing center, the center has advanced UL bunching combustion, aging, high and low temperature, EMC, RoHS and other testing equipments. Advanced testing equipments, professional testing personnel and standardized testing methods provide a reliable guarantee for the product quality

Among them: UL bunched Combustion Laboratory is provided by the National Cable Research Institute with technical support. It has carried out a comprehensive and detailed review on the laboratory operation management system, test equipment configuration, test environment, technical level of inspectors, process management, etc., and is fully capable of undertaking the test task of cable products. The laboratory was established in strict accordance with the relevant UL specifications, and the test results are consistent with those of UL laboratory in the United States.


At present, we have the only one UL Combustion Laboratory in China's cable industry

UL Combustion Laboratory was established in 2014 under the technical guidance of The 23rd Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation Group (STL), which can carry out single and bundle combustion experiments. The laboratory equipment includes: flame spread height test device of photoelectric cable in shaft, flame spread and smoke release test device of vertical bracket of cable and optical cable, ul1581 combustion test box, and single cable vertical test box. (according to UL1666, ul1581, ul2556, ul1685, etc.)

Extraction code: 2020


Extraction code: 2020

Through - 30 ° C low temperature test, the sample is intact!

According to the test results of Tianjie laboratory, the product quality is very reliable. The performance of Tianjie industrial grade cable is obviously better than that of commercial grade cable. Installation of strong cables is essential to prevent safety emergencies. We always keep your property safety first, and provide the widest selection of cables in the industry. We have passed the extreme cold temperature test and the extreme hot temperature test, with the temperature class from - 40 ° C to + 150 ° C, and the samples are intact.



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