• Backbone enterprise of cable industry base (national level)

  • National staff education and training demonstration sites (national level)

  • National staff Library (national level)

  • Zhejiang manufacturing certification (provincial level)

  • Zhejiang credit management demonstration enterprise (provincial level)

  • Zhejiang famous brand (provincial level)

  • Zhejiang contract abiding and credit respecting enterprises (provincial level)

  • Zhejiang export famous brand (provincial level)

  • High tech enterprises (provincial level)

  • Provincial model staff home (provincial)

  • Enterprise credit rating AAA (city level)

  • Corporate social responsibility construction of AA level enterprises in Hangzhou (city level)

  • Hangzhou patent pilot enterprises (municipal level)

  • Winner of Hangzhou Ankang cup competition (municipal level)


    Hangzhou academician workstation (municipal level)

    Quality award of Lin'an district government